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Payless ShoeSource Inc. (also known as simply Payless) is an international discount footwear chain. North American stores including their e-commerce platform were filing for bankruptcy. The filing excludes stores outside of North America, which will continue to operate. Established in 1956 by cousins Louis and Shaol Pozez, Payless is a privately held company owned by Blum Capital.

Venkat mentioned, "I bought these costly shoes from Payless store in Surrey. But these shoes are utter waste. How they are getting US Patent. How the Government of US given the patent for these dirty waste shoes. These shoes for only 2 months. I never seen like these dirty waste shoes before. This is the first time to see US Patented shoes. My sincere suggestion - don't buy. Looks beautiful. Not worth. It's not even for 2 months. No durability"


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Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"After getting laid off for bankruptcy, they hardly compensated me for it."

Former Employee - Payless Store Manager says

"I was demoted an hour after being assaulted on the job for not helping customers while I was on the phone with the police."

Former Employee - Multi-manager says

"Low pay laid all workers off and didn’t pay us anything and they are planning to open up again"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"The manager was insufferable, constantly breathing down the necks of employees and micromanaging"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"there was a substantial pay gap for the same job between male and female associates or associates who were disabled vs not. managers were also greedy, even the district managers."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"everything no help no training."

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Customers are not always right"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"They were mean and like to show superiority"

Former Employee - District Manager says

"No Job security , to many Leadership changes"

Current Employee - Associate says

"Everything. First off I only worked 3 hours A WEEK! Forced me to take a lunch break during my 3 hour shift. Then got threatened to be written up for being 2 minutes late. When I called in sick the day before, I was threatened to be written up because the other employees didn’t show up. Fast forward to my manager being notified that I was hospitalized that night for about 4 days. After getting some bs apology upon my return I just quit."

Store Leader (Former Employee) says

"I can't speak for all Payless stores but the one I worked for was horrible I was underpaid over worked and totally disrespected by my management team NothingEverything"

Sales Floor Representative/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Working for Payless shoes you will not matter to the managers. You're not going to be respected as a human being, nor does the regional manager care about anything you do or ideas you have. You are just another person on the payroll that he can find a way to get rid of. The manager in Belton is completely rude, and extremely disrespectful and if you even THINK about an idea to become more efficient she will shut you down because you're not from around her area of living"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Glad it shut down. Manager was awful, always on her phone, never was truly helpful. was always rude when we would ask for guidance. She would leave the safe open then blame the employees. Always said she “didn’t have to work” and always complained about having to work."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's going to be a tough go after two bankruptcies and recent events. Hoping they can pull through, but it seems very doubtful given finances and leadership."

Sales Associate/ Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"They will take advantage of you any way that they can. Coworkers and manager were very catty. I had been bullied to do everything no one wanted to do."

Assistant Store Manager/Sales associate (Former Employee) says

"I can understand why Payless went out of business. CEOs needed to get with the times. An update the facilities, shoes, and over all look and feel of the store, company."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company filed bankrupt this year and only has stores in certain parts of the country, overall very low pay and hard work compared to other retail jobs"

Assistant Store Leader (Former Employee) says

"They lacked communication in every sense of the word, they also were so disorganized and always blamed their employees. The company management had no idea how to run the stores, their concern was more on money than customer satisfaction which wil make them the money"

District Manager/Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place yo work in turn that is why they went bankrupt and out of business. There is nothing more to discuss with this company I managed 15 locations"

Store Manager Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I was offered this position with a great starting salary and with promises of a full time schedule. Upon starting, I was training at an hourly rate and the management cut payroll including my training hours, I was left from being promised a 40 hour training week to 15 hours or less. I would be forced to call other stores besides my training store to basically beg for payroll hours until my management training was complete. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Fulfill your promises and take care of your employees or the people running your stores. This is probably how they ended up bankrupt."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management never cared about the employees, couldn't get time off. Get paid as an assistant Manager while doing all the duties of a Manager. They hardly ever give a raise for good performance.Good coworkersManagement and low pay"

Key Holder/Sales Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"k drinking her pepsi talking about her boyfriend and her mothers home that was falling apart.Im owed 2 weeks of pay from this payless it seem like we all got fired but no one told us we were fired my manager ended up in prison so no one got paid it was a really weird situation.and my store manager passed away in a fire.This franchise went belly up."

Part-Time Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't treated well at this job. Management treated me like I didn't matter and was less of a person. More or less glad that they went out of business so no one has to go through the struggles of working there."

Key Holder/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very low pay, no benefits, made everyone think the company was fine until the last minute. Very horrid experience. I was more upset about them stalling until late to let us know about the store closing. It's been really hard to find employment since this has happened"

Shift Manager/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"This job no longer exists so writing this is dumb but the website is making me do it to move on and find a job so i guess i'm just going to see how fast i can type out 150 characters."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would never work for this company again. Stressful work environment and that was mainly because of the manager. I never worked with such a mean spirited person before."

Sales Associate/ Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The hours were very minimal at best, and definitely did not afford you to support the cost of living. To request a raise was simple, however to actually have it reflected in your pay proved difficult."

Cashier / Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"top 5 worst jobs i’ve ever had .. the manager was so horrible and rude !! poor everything poor management , bad systems .. barely any breaks just a horrible experience overall"

Seasonal Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would never work here again. This was a poorly managed business, unprofessional setting, disorganized environment. I prefer a quick paced, organized, professional environment; Payless had non of these qualities.N/aUnprofessional, Disorganized"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"When I worked there there was little to no management. It was me and two other employees and we did not have a manager for months. Sometimes you would open and close the store alone and the location was horrible."

Yvonne says

"I never had any issues with Payless ShoeSource prior to their latest bankruptcy. I received an email from Payless ShoeSource about a month ago saying they were back in business. I purchased a pair or Yogah sandals and Yogah flip flops for a nominal price but the shipping was more than what I paid for the shoes. The merchandise I received can't be called shoes because shoes are intended to protect your feet from the bare ground. What I received cannot be worn as the soles are VERY thin and as light as a piece of paper. The shoes appear as though they will crack if I try them on. I emailed customer service as Payless only has an online presence, no stores for returns.
Maria from Customer Service advised me I would have to "shoulder" the return shipping costs which would not be refunded.

I advised her the merchandise was shoddy and couldn't be used for its intended purpose and it would cost me more to return than what I paid for the shoes.

I received no response back from Payless Customer service so it's apparent they DO NOT stand by their merchandise and will not make any exceptions to allow the customer to return severely inferior merchandise with pre-paid postage."

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